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New Year

Before the begining of this coming new year I would like to thank all on here who have helped me over the last couple of months ;) and a big thank you to our creater of Aksjeforum, The one and only; The Calculator :) And I would like to leave you this thought; For the past year we have been in a very dark tunnel without any hope, then WE the shareholders created light and that was because we stood our ground as one because we saw a great injustice being played against us,the small shareholders "owners of the DOF" and I would like to give a very big thank you to the volunteers, for the great work they are giving for the benifit of all Doffens !! and for getting us a new board which i believe will also fight in the corner of the small shareholder ;)
So, that only leaves me to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR"
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