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We are at war with troll's (Don't believe me) read the attached article !!

I know I keep going on about troll's !! but my fellow DOF investors, you have to become involed and not sit idly by and just watch troll's manipulate the value in your shares !! As for myself, I am outraged that they are able to control the value in my shares !! I am trying my best as well as Calculation to combat them, but fellow shareholders you need to do your bit and NOT just sit on your ass and just hope they go away ? I have made some post on FA & Nordnet fighting these little fuckers but I really need your help, because without it we will LOSE this war.

Here you can read all you need to understand the problem we are facing.

So please help by posting responses to them and put the little fuckers out of business......Or don't do anything and watch your values drop ?? your choice.
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